• Purple enamel drop earrings
  • Purple and black dangle earrings
  • blackened silver ear wires with lavender raindrops

Purple Tear Drop Dangle Earrings


Upgrade your style effortlessly with these colorful essential earrings. Ideal for any event, confidently express yourself around the clock.

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Our purple tear drop dangle earrings are a stunning addition to enhance your jewelry collection. These earrings showcase a sleek raindrop-shaped design adorned with vibrant purple enamel, resulting in a captivating and distinctive look. The striking orchid hue beautifully contrasts against the blackened silver ear wires, creating a truly eye-catching statement.

Designed for durability, these earrings not only offer exceptional visual appeal but also ensure long-lasting charm. The high-quality enamel coating preserves the earrings’ vibrant color, allowing them to maintain their allure for years to come.

From casual outings to unforgettable evenings, our purple tear drop dangle earrings effortlessly elevate your style, leaving a lasting impression. Embrace their captivating beauty and upgrade your jewelry collection with these enchanting earrings.

  • Enamel drops
  • Oxidized sterling silver ear wires
  • Length: 1.5″

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