How do I care for my jewelry?

- Ensure the preservation of your jewelry, particularly sterling silver, by storing it in an airtight container when not worn. Exposure to oxygen, moisture, and various chemicals can lead to tarnishing or dulling of metals. When you anticipate not wearing a piece for an extended period, opt for proper storage, such as a small ziplock bag, to maintain its condition.

- To prevent tangles, make sure the clasp of your necklace is put together and closed before storing.

- Minimize prolonged contact with chlorine, pools, hot tubs, and spas.

- To clean, softly polish using a Sunshine Polishing Cloth (designed for 14kt Gold Fill + Sterling Silver).

- Tara Elaina is committed to using only the highest quality precious metals: 925 Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill. This guarantees that your pieces are crafted for everyday wear and designed to last for an extended period.

What is 14k Gold Fill?

14kt Gold Fill involves a substantial layer of solid 14kt gold bonded through heat and pressure to a central core of high-quality jeweler’s brass. With diligent care, 14kt gold fill exhibits a longevity comparable to solid 14kt gold. Although gold-filled pieces can still tarnish under specific conditions, the thick layer of 14kt gold acts as a preventive measure, as pure gold itself does not tarnish.

Is your jewelry nickel free?

We use .925 Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill - all of which are nickel-free.

What if I don't receive an order confirmation?

Order and shipping confirmation emails are sent with every order. If you haven't received an order confirmation email, please check your spam folder. If you don't see it in your spam folder, please email info@taraelaina.com.

How will I know when my order ships?

When your order is fulfilled, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that includes a tracking number.

Do you offer returns/exchanges?

We hope you adore the pieces you get as much as we enjoy making them. But, if you want to exchange or return an item, you've got 30 days from delivery. Just a heads up, promotions, discounts, and sales cannot be applied retroactively to an order. Check out our Returns/Exchanges page for all the policy details and how to begin a return or exchange.

Do you have a warranty on your jewelry?

Our items come with a 60-day warranty specifically covering chain and clasp defects. Drop us an email to arrange a prompt repair. If it's beyond the 60-day mark or involves a different problem, shoot us an email, and we'll collaborate with you to find a solution.

Do you have a wholesale program?

Yes! Please use our wholesale contact form for more info.